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The mind and the body are one. It is my belief that being physically strong and fit is integral to living a balanced life of mental clarity. Growing stronger not only provides obvious health benefits, but through the process also strengthens character traits that enhance other aspects in life. It is my mission to use my skills and education in physiology to help you grow stronger using an approach best suited for you. Proceed through life as a stronger version of yourself.

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I want all my clients to look forward to and enjoy exercise as much as i do. The best reward for me is watching the people I work with improve their health and fitness and reach their personal goals. Whether you need to lose a few pounds, strengthen your body, improve your posture, or prepare for a competition, I can motivate, guide, and train you to reach your goals!


I develop individualized custom training plans for EVERY client based uniquely on your health, lifestyle, fitness level, and goals.  I work with my clients to identify their goals whether they be simply general fitness and weight loss or improving performance for a sport. I aim for open communication with clients outside of our training sessions to discuss any questions, concerns, and celebrating successes. 

Most people spend years doing work outs that are ineffective in helping them reach their goals. With a trainer, you don't have to spend hundreds of hours researching about working out and dieting. A one-size-fits-all program will NEVER allow you to realize your full potential. Every detail I include in my client's workouts and routines are specific to your individual goals, schedule, and level of fitness.


— Kalvin D.

"Eric has been extremely helpful in providing me with workouts that not only cater to my needs but are also flexible when I have time constraints. Eric's vast knowledge of how the body functions and muscle groups has also helped me greatly improve my posture. His workouts have helped me lose weight while also increasing my strength while still leaving me energized after.